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Partner with us for a lifetime of financial growth!


Hello! We are Vernon & Dianne. Welcome to "Partner with Pape." Our goal is to partner with you for a lifetime of financial growth and opportunity. Whether it's your first home purchase or you're selling your current home, we can help you navigate this exciting life change. We also have a heart for entrepreneurs! Whether it's a real estate investment opportunities or a lease for a new commercial space, we want to help you grow your financial choices.

Our goal is to have a lifelong partnership with you! We will keep you updated on the latest events in your area or refer you to a handyman when you need it! Dianne is also a Professional Ballroom Dancer and Instructor! Yes! You read that right. You can hire her to teach you for all life's special events! 

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Action is your best DEFENSE! I find great relief and enthusiasm when helping individuals fulfill their desires and financial independence, at the same time, teaching people how to approach finance and investments. My passion and insights will greatly benefit people as a whole, knowing they have someone like me looking out for their interests, with the ability to navigate through tough times. Come join me in the adventure in creating your path to financial independence!!

Here's the boring part....From the professional consulting industry to the real estate industry. My experience in Banking, Derivatives Research, Fund-of-Funds, Mortgage, Financial Services, Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Real Estate industries allowed me to develop a keen sense when interpreting and navigating broad markets. Highly-accomplished and result-oriented professional, successful at attaining business goals through in-depth analysis, sales development and execution. As I continuously grow and develop my skills, it will lead to the success of the many.

About Me



From the world of Professional Ballroom dancing to Real Estate, my life experience has taken me from the glitter of a dance floor to helping everyone find the magic in their community. In 2015, I founded Arlington's first ballroom dance venture, EverDance Studio. From showcases to winning Top Studio at numerous competitions, we shared the joy of dance with hundreds of people across the Metroplex.

During the pandemic, like so many of us, I had a renewed appreciation for the simple things in life. The quiet evenings on the couch with family and supporting the small businesses who started to bloom again. I longed to be a part of the slow progress toward normalcy our local communities began to have.

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Finding the right home, neighborhood, like magic. The stormy skies end, the sun shines....YOU CAN HEAR THE MUSIC! That feeling you get when you know you have arrived at the right place… Find that magic, and you have found HOME.

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