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We are the new Greatest Generation.

A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE ON THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC... I have noticed that many from the “older” generation I have spoken to are not worried. They are concerned and cautious for sure, but they have lived through many defining societal upheavals in their life. They know we will make it through this. My own mother has reminded me of this. This is our 100-year event. The defining moment that the history books will immortalize for generations and our grand-kids will ask how we survived it. This is our chance. We will emerge from this with wisdom, grit, and a new perspective on life. You can choose to not only live through this but THRIVE through this. I have told my own children that this is going to be a life adventure…who knows what we will be doing in a year…think of the possibilities! That is empowering!! Think of how tough we will be after this. What a gift! I’m excited that I am gaining wisdom daily and handling things I never dreamed I would. And I’m doing it!! We are in this together. Imagine the future when you will be able to guide your grandchildren and tell them how you survived this....correction...THRIVED through this! Let do this everyone! We are the next greatest generation! As I have learned from the great Marie Forleo...EVERYTHING IS FIGUREOUTABLE!

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